The Mystics Looking for Everlasting Life Via Liquid Nitrogen

Tatiana Riabinina was at her mom Galina’s bedside in Bologna, Italy, the night time final summer time that she died of breast most cancers. However the ladies didn’t say goodbye. As a substitute, mere seconds after Galina drew her final breath, Riabinina, a self-described transhumanist, started packing dry ice round her head, then the remainder of her physique, in hopes of resurrecting it.

It was August, with highs within the low nineties, and the house was heat. Riabinina refreshed the ice each six hours, a routine she continued for 4 days. That’s when information of her uncommon habits unfold. The police arrived to take her mother’s corpse to the morgue, the place Riabinina obtained permission to proceed tending it. She introduced recent ice to the morgue 3 times per week for the following 4 months whereas making preparations to ship it to Russia, the place the ladies are from, for cryopreservation. The method preserves the physique in liquid nitrogen for revival in a extra scientifically enlightened future.

“Maybe in five, 30, or 300 years, there will be a way to wake her again,” Riabinina says.

Riabinina’s story is amongst a number of that Italian photographer Giuseppe Nucci paperwork in -196: The Pioneers of Resurrection. His ethereal, atmospheric pictures respectfully seize the hunt for immortality in Russia, residence to a visionary gaggle of cosmists, cryonicists, and transhumanists who imagine in a deathless future. They preach resurrection, put on high-tech cyber-suits, and deep-freeze the corpses of family members they hope to fulfill once more.

“We are all scared of death,” Nucci says. “The idea that humans will one day defeat it is fascinating.”

The idea that science and expertise can unlock the secrets and techniques of immortality has a wealthy historical past in Russia. Within the late 19th century, the cosmist Nikolai Fedorov envisioned a world the place people wouldn’t solely beat dying, however they’d fly across the galaxy resurrecting the scattered particles of everybody who ever lived; to accommodate all of them, they’d colonize different planets. Although the Soviet Union banned Fedorov’s writings, they helped encourage its area program.

Fedorov’s cosmism lives on in modern transhumanism, which took off in Russia within the early aughts. Danila Medvedev and Valerija Delight helped discovered the Russian Transhumanist Motion in 2003, with the objective of turning into post-human and, in keeping with their web site, reaching “immortality for all the inhabitants of the planet.” That may, in fact, take time, so RTM began the nation’s first cryonization firm in 2005 to protect our bodies within the interim.

KrioRus expenses $36,000 to cryonize a corpse, or half that for simply the pinnacle. The method is pretty easy: First, cryonicists drain the blood of the “patient,” and pump in an answer resembling antifreeze. The physique goes right into a cooling chamber beneath KrioRus’s 2,000-square-foot hangar in Sergiyev Posad, a suburb north of Moscow, for roughly per week. Then it is immersed, head first, in a double-walled dewar of liquid nitrogen, the place it hangs indefinitely till scientists work out how you can revive it. On this manner, KrioRus has cryopreserved 61 individuals and 31 pets, together with a cat, a goldfinch, and a chinchilla. A minimum of 487 others have signed up.

‘We’re all petrified of dying. The concept that people will someday defeat it’s fascinating.’

Photographer Giuseppe Nucci

Nucci obtained sucked into this world two years in the past, when he heard a radio story about cryonics in Rome, the place he lives. After researching the topic, he determined to focus his undertaking on Russia, and the distinctive model of it he discovered there. “There was this cosmism,” he says. “It seemed to me more philosophical and romantic.” Over six months in 2017, he attended cosmist and transhumanist conferences in Moscow and documented KrioRus’ headquarters and services. However probably the most surreal a part of all was when he tagged together with Riabinina on her journey from Bologna to Moscow to cryonize her mother.

A transhumanist, Riabinina started critically contemplating cryonization after Galina’s 2015 analysis with stage III breast most cancers. She’d heard about it a couple of years earlier, whereas residing in the US. “I thought if there was a chance, why not try it?” she says. Her mother expressed curiosity, although she did not signal a contract with a cryonics firm earlier than her dying. Fortunately, KrioRus did not require she have one. Its charges had been additionally decrease than these of American counterparts just like the Alcor Life Extension Basis—they cost $200,000—and Riabinina might pay in installments. “And then they are Russians too,” Riabinina says. “It’s our language, our country.”

In late November, Riabinina was lastly able to take Galina’s corpse to Russia. A staff of specialists on the morgue packed the cadaver with dry ice inside an iron field and sealed it inside a wood coffin for transport. After their aircraft landed in Moscow, KrioRus drove them roughly 100 miles north, by a blustering snowstorm, to KrioRus’s hangar in Sergiev Posad. There, they opened the coffin, wrapped the physique in a bag, and positioned it in an underground cooling chamber to regularly chill.

That was the final time Riabinina noticed her mother. However she believes it will not be the ultimate one. “I didn’t say goodbye forever,” she says. “I said, ‘I’ll see you again.'”

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