The Key to Triumphing Over Star Wars Trolls

Former Mythbusters host Kari Byron says that her younger daughter was enthralled by the character Rey in Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens.

“She was just done with princesses when she saw Rey,” Byron says in Episode 313 of the Geek’s Information to the Galaxy podcast. “Because it was like, OK, this is a smart badass, and I could see that it was so much more interesting to her than a helpless princess that’s locked in a tower.”

However Byron is effectively conscious that not everybody loves feminine heroes, some extent underscored final week when Kelly Marie Tran, who performs stalwart mechanic Rose Tico in The Final Jedi, deleted her Instagram account presumably after receiving months of verbal abuse. “It’s a strange world that you can’t handle your characters in movies to be girls and kick ass,” Byron says. “That is just crazy.”

She says the extent of vitriol directed at stars like Tran is much worse than something she needed to cope with in her early days.

“If I came into this industry right now, just fresh into the internet, I think it would crush my spirits, because it can be so vicious,” she says. “But I started slow with just some Craigslist-y kind of message boards, and I got to build my way up to being able to ignore the awful people.”

She typically advises younger girls on coping with trolls, and her recommendation stays constant—don’t concentrate and don’t interact.

“The minute you engage with a troll, that’s when it’s going to go bad,” she says. “Just let it go. No matter how offended you are, let it go.”

Hearken to the entire interview with Kari Byron in Episode 313 of Geek’s Information to the Galaxy (above). And take a look at some highlights from the dialogue beneath.

Kari Byron on Mythbusters:

“The network got really crazy for a while, where if they saw a bra strap come out of a tanktop they’d ask us to re-shoot. And I was just thinking, ‘God, that seems like a lot of money. Everybody knows you’re wearing a bra, is it really that big a deal?’ I don’t know if this was just the olden days, or if they were being over-sensitive, but the longer the show was on, the more censored we got. When we first started out there was a lot of humor that was off-color, but in sort of that Warner Bros. cartoon kind of way, where if you’re an adult you’ll get it, if you’re a kid you won’t get it. But then as the show went on, more and more it was like, ‘You can’t say the word ‘hell.’ You can’t say the word ‘fart.””

Kari Byron on science fiction:

“With Mythbusters it’s important to discover a delusion, so we really needed to discover issues that individuals thought had been true and take a look at whether or not they had been true or not, slightly than simply implementing some wackadoo expertise. So we tried to do loads of science fiction on Mythbusters, however it was actually onerous for us to do as a result of if it was already a confirmed factor we couldn’t actually take a look at it. So we needed to go for issues like, ‘Can you control somebody’s thoughts with crystals?’ It was actually onerous maintaining an open thoughts with stuff like that, as a result of clearly I are available with loads of skepticism and I believe it’s all loopy. So to attempt to provide you with a official take a look at was all the time the toughest to do when it got here to science fiction.”

Kari Byron on superhero costumes:

“I get actually irritated after I see superheroes in excessive heels. It simply appears so ridiculous and impractical, just like the outdated Marvel Lady when she’d put on her high-heeled go-go boots. I’m like, ‘Yeah that looks great, but really? They are so hard to run in. Why would you ever do that?’ I used to be comfortable to see that Black Widow had flats on when she was operating in a single scene. I used to be similar to, ‘That’s what you’re alleged to put on. You’re alleged to put on flat footwear.’ Boots are nice, as a result of the leather-based will defend you, that’s superior, perhaps some metal toes. However don’t run in excessive heels, it’s going to sluggish you down. Until a knife’s going to return out of that factor, what’s the purpose?”

Kari Byron on faith:

“I was raised Catholic, and I had a lot of questions that I didn’t find satisfying answers to when I was a kid. I guess it mostly came from when I was around 7 or 8 years old, and I kept asking this one question to my very religious grandmother. I couldn’t understand why my friend Courtney, who was being raised Buddhist, was going to purgatory for not being baptized, or going to hell because she didn’t believe in the same god. I was just like, ‘This is a little girl. Why was she going to hell?’ And I think that was the catalyst moment for me where I just started to question the things that I was being taught from that particular religion, and I somehow just moved away from it.”

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