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Participating Care, a Swedish heathtech startup co-founded by Charlotta Tönsgård, who was beforehand CEO of on-line physician app Min Doktor earlier than being requested to step down, has raised $800,000 in “pre-seed” funding to proceed constructing out its digital healthcare SaaS. Backing the burgeoning firm are a number of well-established angel traders within the area.

They embrace Hampus Jakobsson (enterprise accomplice at BlueYard Capital and co-founder of TAT, which bought to Blackberry for $150 million), Sophia Bendz (EIR at Atomico and the previous International Advertising Director at Spotify), Erik Byrenius (founding father of OnlinePizza, a web based meals ordering firm bought to Supply Hero) and Neil Murray’s The Nordic Net Ventures.

With the goal of dragging healthcare into the digital age, however in a extra patient-friendly and patient-centred manner than custom digital medical report techniques, Participating Care is growing a SaaS and accompanying apps to deliver collectively sufferers, healthcare suppliers and companions to be “smarter and better connected”. In contrast to software program and digital providers that work outdoors current healthcare techniques, the startup’s wares are billed as being designed to work inside them. It’s initially focusing on individuals with long-term well being situations.

“There has been tremendous progress made in the healthcare sector over the last decade. New advanced drugs, new methods for surgery and other treatments, but how healthcare workers share important information with the patient and the interaction between caregiver and patient still basically happens the same way it did 50 years ago,” Tönsgård tells me.

“The systems of today are still designed around the doctor – even though we might spend as little as 15 minutes with him or her every year, but hours, days and years alone with our condition. On top of this, most western healthcare systems are struggling financially, with an ageing population, more prevalence of chronic diseases and a shift in expectations from the public, adding to the challenges”.

In an effort to preserve present ranges of service and make room for medical breakthroughs and new remedies which can be occurring at an rising tempo, Tönsgård argues that particular person sufferers and healthcare suppliers have to work collectively differently. And that begins with empowering sufferers to raised perceive and take better management of their well being situations and therapy — which is the place a platform like Participating Care may also help.

“Our ambition is to become the first truly global healthcare system; supporting us as individuals to be more in control, and to make better decisions about our healthcare and to provide digital tools for healthcare providers to share knowledge and use their resources more efficiently,” she says.

“Our goal is to become the end-users first point of contact, but the clinics/healthcare providers are our customers. Right now we’re targeting specific clinics, but in the end, our platform will support any type of healthcare”.

The primary “vertical” Participating Care is exploring is sufferers who’ve gone by an organ transplant. “It might sound like a strange place to start, but it’s actually perfect in many ways,” says Tönsgård. “Both in terms of the possibility to make a difference for the patients and the care teams, but also in terms of a landing pod when going international”.

This has seen the corporate work with a small variety of clinics in Sweden which can be performing organ transplants to place sufferers by a pilot of the software program. The primary levels of business discussions are underway and Tönsgård is hopeful of securing the primary buyer this Fall, which is able to coincide with a full launch of the Participating Care platform. “In parallel, we’re exploring multiple options for which verticals to kick off next,” she provides.

In the meantime, Murray of The Nordic Net Ventures concedes that Participating Care’s aim to be the primary platform that permits a really world healthcare system is “incredibly lofty,” however says that if anybody has the “drive, passion, ambition and guts to pull this off then it’s Charlotta and team”.

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