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Stoop is seeking to present readers with what CEO Tim Raybould described as “a healthier information diet.”

To do this, it’s launched an iOS and Android app the place you possibly can flick thru totally different newsletters primarily based on class, and while you discover one you want, it’ll direct you to the usual subscription web page. When you present your Stoop e-mail handle, you’ll then have the ability to learn all of your favourite newsletters within the app.

“The easiest way to describe it is: It’s like a podcast app but for newsletters,” Raybould stated. “It’s a big directory of newsletters, and then there’s the side where you can consume them.”

Why newsletters? Effectively, he argued that they’re one of many key methods for publishers to develop a direct relationship with their viewers. Podcasts are one other, however he stated newsletters are “an order of magnitude more important” as a result of you possibly can convey extra data with the written phrase and there are decrease manufacturing prices.

That direct relationship is clearly an vital one for publishers, significantly as Fb’s shifting priorities have made it clear that publications must “establish the right relationship to readers, as opposed to renting someone else’s audience.” However Raybould stated it’s higher for readers too, since you’ll be spending your time on journalism that’s designed to supply worth to the reader, not simply attracting clicks: “You will find you use the newsfeed less and consume more of your content directly from the source.”

“Most content [currently] is distributed through a third party and that software is choosing what to surface next not based on the quality of the content, but based on what’s going to keep people scrolling,” he added. “Trusting an algorithm with what you’re going to read next is like trusting a nutritionist who’s incentivized based on how many chips you eat.”

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So Raybould is a fan of newsletters, however he stated the present system is fairly cumbersome. There’s nobody place the place you will discover new newsletters to learn, and you might also hesitate to subscribe to a different one as a result of it “crowds out your personal inbox.” So Stoop is designed to scale back the friction, making it simple to subscribe to and browse as many newsletters as your coronary heart wishes.

Raybould stated the staff has already curated a listing of round 650 newsletters (together with TechCrunch’s personal Each day Crunch) and the listing continues to develop. Extra options embody a “shuffle” choice to find new newsletters, plus the power to share a e-newsletter with different Stoop customers, or to ahead it to your private handle the place they are often despatched alongside to whoever you want.

The Stoop app is free, with Raybould hoping to finally add a premium plan for options like full e-newsletter archives. He’s additionally hoping to collaborate with publishers — initially, most publishers will most likely deal with Stoop readers as simply one other set of subscribers, however Raybould stated they may get entry to extra analytics and in addition make subscriptions simpler by integrating with the app’s instantaneous subscribe choice.

And the corporate’s ambitions even transcend newsletters. Raybould stated Stoop is the primary client product from a staff with a bigger mission to assist publishers. They’re additionally engaged on OpenBundle, an initiative round bundled information subscriptions with a deliberate launch in 2019 or 2020.

“The overaching thing that is the same is the OpenBundle thesis and the Stoop thesis,” he stated. “Getting publishers back in the role of delivering content directly to the audience is the antidote to the newsfeed.”

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