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The Protect TV, Nvidia’s Android TV streaming field, remains to be getting common updates, however the Protect Pill, which launched in 2014 was final refreshed in 2015 and formally discontinued final yr, wasn’t fairly the identical success. As Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang mentioned throughout a small press gathering at CES in Las Vegas as we speak, the corporate doesn’t have any plans to resurrect it.

“Shield TV is still unquestionably the best Android TV in the world,” he mentioned. “We have updated the software now over 30 times. People are blown away by how much we continue to enhance it.” And extra (unspecified) enhancements are coming, he mentioned.

On the cell facet, although, the times of the Protect Pill are very a lot over, particularly now that the Nintendo Swap, which makes use of Nvidia’s Tegra chips, has actually seize that market.

“We are really committed to [Shield TV], but on mobile devices, we don’t think it’s necessary,” Huang mentioned. “We would only build things not to gain market share. Nvidia is not a ‘take somebody else’s market share company.’ I think that’s really angry. It’s an angry way to run a business. Creating new markets, expanding the horizon, creating things that the world doesn’t have, that’s a loving way to build a business.”

He added that that is the way in which to encourage staff, too. Simply copying rivals and possibly promoting a product cheaper, although, does nothing to encourage staff and isn’t what Nvidia is inquisitive about.

In fact, Huang left the door open to a future pill if it made sense — although he clearly doesn’t suppose it does as we speak. He’d solely achieve this, “if the world needs it. But at the moment, I just don’t see it. I think Nintendo did such a great job.”

Bonus: The outspoken Huang additionally used his time with the assembled journalists to voice his opinion of AMD’s new Radeon VII graphics playing cards, which had been introduced earlier as we speak. “Wow. Underwhelming, huh? I was kind of like saying ‘what?’ Because the performance is lousy and there’s nothing new. There’s no raytracing, no artificial intelligence. It’s a 7nm chip with HBM memory that barely keeps up with a 2080 and when we turn on DLSS, we’ll crush it. When we turn on raytracing, we’ll crush it. And it’s not even available yet.”

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