Amazon fires open-source shot with DocumentDB launch

In a transfer that may certainly upset the open-source group, AWS has launched a brand new database providing suitable with the MongoDB API referred to as DocumentDB.

The cloud big describes its new product as a “fast, scalable, and highly available document database that is designed to be compatible with your existing MongoDB applications and tools.” Nonetheless, it’s primarily a substitute for MongoDB that makes use of its API however none of its code.

Based on AWS, its prospects have discovered it tough to construct quick and extremely accessible functions which can be in a position to scale to a number of terabytes with lots of of 1000’s of reads and writes per second. So as an alternative, the corporate constructed its personal doc database that’s suitable with Apace open supply MongoDB 3.6 API.

This has led to additional accusations that AWS is taking one of the best open-source tasks and re-branding them with out giving again to the communities chargeable for their creation.

Sincerest type of flattery

MongoDB took efforts to cease AWS and others from copying its product by re-licensing its open-source instruments underneath a brand new license that clearly states that firms making an attempt to make use of its code to create comparable merchandise have to purchase a business license.

MongoDB’s CEO and President Dev Ittycheria responded to the information in a press release to TechCrunch, saying:

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it’s not surprising that Amazon would try to capitalize on the popularity and momentum of MongoDB’s document model. However, developers are technically savvy enough to distinguish between the real thing and a poor imitation. MongoDB will continue to outperform any impersonations in the market.” 

The corporate’s Co-Founder and CTO Eliot Horowitz additionally weighed in on the matter, saying:

 “In order to give developers what they want, AWS has been pushed to offer an imitation MongoDB service that is based on the MongoDB code from two years ago. Our entire company is focused on one thing — giving developers the best way to work with data with the freedom to run anywhere. Our commitment to that single mission will continue to differentiate the real MongoDB from any imitation products that come along.” 

Time will inform if builders embrace AWS’ DocumentDB however the injury to the open-source group has already been carried out.

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