A Microguide to Microdosing Psychedelic Medicine

Adderall, shmaderall. Sure biohackers choose taking teeny-tiny quantities of psychedelic medicine to spice up focus. However what precisely is a microdose, anyway? Right here’s our semi-scientific information. Trace: Should you really feel the bushes respiration, you’re doing it mistaken.


Microdose (5–10 mcg): Customers declare {that a} microhit of LSD clears psychological locks and helps with melancholy. It’s typically taken very first thing within the morning with distilled water—chlorine can kill key compounds.
Overdose: Visions, cosmic oneness, epiphanies about epiphanies.


Microdose (0.1 g): A style of psilocybin (or its artificial model, which is commonly utilized in medical trials) brings on a low-key wave of zenlike happiness. So they are saying.
Overdose: Warps in spacetime.

Ibogaine Hydrochlorid

Microdose (2 mg): This drug, extracted from iboga roots, can produce a peaceful focus that, in contrast to Adderall, additionally acts as a gentle ­aphrodisiac. (Its major use is for detox, typically for opiate addicts.)
Overdose: Psychedelia, vomiting, pores and skin numbness.


Microdose (6 mg, however modes of supply differ): The principle ingredient in ayahuasca tea, DMT may change your perspective—however even small quantities might get you excessive.
Overdose: Deep vibrations, projectile vomiting, self-transcendence.

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